DD Returns 2023 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download in 1080p

116 views , Jan 13, 2024

Download DD Returns 2023 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie: “DD Returns” unfolds a gripping tale where the protagonist and his friends stash a bag of money and jewels in a haunted bungalow to outsmart the police. However, the plot takes a supernatural turn when the protagonist must engage in a survival game with a ghost to secure the coveted bag. The movie promises a unique blend of comedy and horror, making it a must-watch for Indian cinema enthusiasts.

Movie Details

DirectorS. Prem Anand
WritersS. Prem Anand
Top CastSanthanam Neelamegam, Surbhi, Fefsi Vijayan
GenresComedy, Horror
Release DateJuly 28, 2023 (India)
Countries of OriginIndia
LanguagesTamil, Telugu
Filming Locations[Not specified]
Budget[Not available]
Gross Worldwide$79,083
IMDb Rating6.2/10

How to Download DD Returns 2023 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

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